to the sound from deep within ~

So you have finally arrived.
Sometimes, my journal is a weird (no, I'm just kidding) interpretation of what's going on through my mind. My English teacher would probably call that some type of stream of consciousness or whatever, but I think it's just a blast of thoughts emerging from (literally) everywhere and which do not make sense to the normal, sane mind.
On other times, I like (love) to rant. I rant about everything. I rant for the simple fact that I am ranting...
Yet, on most of the times, I just like to quote. Mostly lyrics from songs which you will find as a title to a journal entry (since I'm too lazy to invent one myself) and to which the name of the song will most probably be included in the current music section.

Other than that, my journal just reflects the sixteen year old girl that I am.. but at least, you have been warned :)

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